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If you’ve ever went shopping, there must have been a time where you’ve completely fallen in love with a dress on the rack, imagined yourself wearing that and looking beautiful, but reality strikes when you find out that it didn’t flatter your body the way you had imagined it, while still looking stylish. Now is the time where your frustration about shopping ends.

Getting dressed would be a lot easier when you know what outfit will work best for your body shape. And, figuring out your body shape seems like a difficult task. Women are blessed to look different and having suitable options for every shape that creates their own style statement.

Most women, fall into five categories: circle, pear, inverted triangle, hourglass, and rectangle. Below is the guide that will help you show off your best features like your legs, shoulders, waist or hips.

  1. Circle:

Description: If you’re rounder around the midsection of your body, then you’re a circle.

What looks great on you:  You need to opt for an outfit that fits loosely around the midsection, which conceals a fuller stomach. This will help you to accentuate your other body parts whilst making you look beautiful. 

Styles to avoid: Anything that highlights your middle section – like waist-cinching tops, high-rise pants, and waist belt.

  1. Pear:

Description: If your hips are wider than your shoulder, then you’re a pear.

What looks great on you: Dresses that are fit and flare, perfectly shows off your top half which is smaller. The flare of the dress on the bottom highlights your curves and focuses on the curviest and the gorgeous part of your body.

Spaghetti tops and necklines also work great on you.

Styles to avoid: Bodycon dresses and loose-fitted bottoms that grabs the attention around your lower body.

  1. Inverted Triangle:

Description: If your shoulders and bust are wider than your hips, then you’re an inverted triangle.

What looks great on you: Styles that are voluminous like thicker straps, fitted jackets and skirts or pants work greatly on this shape as they focus on your legs and slim down your shoulder and bust region.

Styles to avoid: Thin strappy and body hugging tops that highlights your wider parts.

  1. Hourglass:

Description: If your top and the bottom part are in proportion, then you’re an hourglass.

What looks great on you: As you’ve a well-balanced figure, dresses that cinch at your waist are your perfect go-to option. You can also go for V-neck or plunge neck tops that accentuate your upper body. To flaunt your waistline, opt for a waist belt; A-lines dresses and bodycon outfits will work perfectly for you.

Styles to avoid: Everything looks great on this body shape but try avoiding loose tops or loose bottoms that don’t flatter your body.

  1. Rectangle:

Description: If you have a well-balanced body – like your shoulder, waist, and hips are of the same size, you’re a rectangle.

What looks great on you: When you’ve a rectangular shaped body, your hands and legs are your main assets. It’s similar to an hourglass figure but the waistline wouldn’t be a highlight for this shaped body.  Opt for A-line dresses and skirts with ruffles and layers that give definition to your neckline and bottom.

Styles to avoid: Try and avoid outfits that are all-embracing as they will consume you and will not look that appealing.

Now that you are self-aware and well-informed about what works best for your body type, you can solve a lot of your shopping mishaps. But, if a dress that does not fit or look appropriate on you, it doesn’t mean that you’re overweight, out of shape or even disproportionate. There is always an outfit that fits everyone like a glove and there are few outfits that are not meant for everyone. All we need to understand is, to know where and how to look. Now, you can go ahead and sizzle in style and embrace your body type!


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