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It is that time of the year again! Fall has fallen leaving behind its beautiful cardigans, jackets, and scarves; and the sun has shone bringing in pop colours and delightful outfits. As the new season is upon us, the time has come to take cues from the trends and start plotting your wardrobe for summer!

Summertime is nothing but fun in the sun and as the mercury goes up, fun trends come in – and you've got quite a tricky situation on your hands: so many styles to try, yet so little time.

With the weather warming up and calendars filling in with social events, you need a summer outfit that keeps you comfortable while looking your best. So try this year’s cute summer trends before the season ends. 

  1. Jumpsuits:

 Jumpsuits are the cool trend that keeps coming back and are without a doubt, a style statement. The head-to-toe garment creates a stunning look that moves beyond a regular ensemble and more into fashionable territories. Jumpsuits are going to be a staple item in our wardrobe this summer, and there’s going to be one for everybody.

  1. Ruffle Up!


Ruffles, ranges from delicate frills to oversized pattern – take away the trophy this season. Ruffles have been an essential element on everything from collars, necklines, sleeves to hemlines. A well-placed ruffle can be an alternative to statement necklace, a chic handbag or pretty shoes. Whether you go for a ruffle-front top worn with denims or a delicately layered dress, there’s a ruffle for everyone.

  1. Denim on Denim:


When it comes to denim, it is truly embracing its moment in fashion; and is a proof that it takes two to tango! Once a fashion faux pas, head-to-toe denim has made its way back into fashion. Denim on denim is a tricky look to pull off; but when done right, it can look pretty incredible.

  1. Pastels:

If there's one trend you won't be able to resist, it is ice-cream pastel colours. Take your pick from lavender, lemon, strawberry sorbet, and pistachio – this season’s trendy colours are having a moment this summer. From pretty dresses to flattering tops, this is the perfect time to make them work.

  1. Check please!


Whether it’s an intricate plaid or oversized gingham, checks are everywhere this time of the year and are one of the hottest trends right now. Soak in all the inspiration you get and embrace the checks, with the trendiest ways to incorporate into your everyday dressing.

  1. Sportswear:


One big trend of 2018 that has taken a front seat is sportswear. The trend of mixing sportswear alongside skirts, dresses or tops are a new take on athleisure. Street style celebrities are inspiring the generation with their styles, and admittedly, it is a visual treat. This summer, instead of heading out in your workout clothes, get creative and mix and match your outfit with the sporty items in your wardrobe!

  1. Sheer on!


Sheer is also one of 2018’s biggest summer trends! Light nets to lace fabrics, sheer has set a whole new light in the world of fashion. This trend is bold and anything but basic, which makes it look effortlessly stylish. Choose delicate sheer lace tops and wear them over bralettes or contrasting spaghettis. You can also opt for deep coloured sheer outfits that decrease its transparency.

  1. Print on Print:


While colours come to make the summer trends glaringly bright, it is the prints and patterns that up the ante, with styles that are both inspiring and interesting. From floral prints to wild patterns, stripes to pinstripes, abstract tie-dye effects and optical illusions, it is time to discover your look with myriad designs of the year. 

It’s time to get inspired by the trends you like the most and adapt it to your own wardrobe.


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