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What’s the most infamous question that everyone asks standing before their closets full of clothing? – ‘What should I wear?’ Truth be told, people have enough clothes to survive, but they don’t have outfits that are versatile enough to be worn for numerous occasions.

It’s time to take a closer look and discover what’s really missing from your wardrobe. When you add these ensembles to your closet, you’ll never say you’ve nothing to wear again. Here are six styles that are definitely a must-have.

  1. The Shirt Dress 

The button-down shirt dress is the kind of item that should be there in every woman’s wardrobe, because they’re the perfect blend of polished and casual, which allows you to be both comfortable and pulled together. The loose fit of the dress makes it ideal for the days where you need minimal effort to dress up, while the shape and a structured silhouette makes you look more intentional with your look. Wear it when you head out for drinks or brunch on the weekends.

  1. The A-line Maxi Dress


Not all maxi dresses are the same. Finding a fit that flatters your body can be difficult, depending on your body shape. This is why an A-line dress is recommended that flares out at the waist rather than cinching at the hips and flaring at the knee. Because of the structure of the dress, it allows you more room and be more comfortable to move around. The longer length of this dress makes it ideal for casual to semi-formal events.

  1. The Tank Dress

 When summer is in full swing, all you want to do is look cute without involving any constricting fits or fabrics. That’s where a tank dress comes to the rescue! The light and breathable fabric makes it appropriate for all casual occasions. Layer them by pairing necklaces and wedges when you head out for a dinner date or a pair of sneakers and sandals for your day to day activities. Whichever you choose, you’ll feel cool and at ease all summer long.

  1. The Fit and Flares Dress


 A closet is never complete without the most flattering dress of all – A fit and flare dress. This dress is perfect for both work and formal events, with a fit that accentuates the waist before flaring out. You can even opt for shorter length dress that you can wear for dinners, dates, and more.

  1. The Pencil Dress

 You will never have to panic about what to wear for your business meetings, job interviews, and cocktail parties when you’ve invested in a gorgeous pencil dress. The sleek silhouette and professional outlook of this dress makes it a wardrobe must-have.

  1. The LRD

Want to feel a bit fierce? Then go for a little red dress, which is bold, sexy, and fun. The red colour is empowering and it makes you stand out in the crowd and command a room. This dress also acts as a confidence booster that everyone can use it once in a while, so go for a LRD when you head to a special date night, party, or a night out with your gal pals in town.


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